Are you “miss represented”?

October 27, 2011

So this is a blog for mothers, mothers are women. Mothers have sons or daughters.

If you are a mother, of either a boy, girl or both, this is a must see documentary: Miss Representation.

It’s crazy to realize how media shapes our idea of everything pretty much – as well as of what women are, how they should behave and what they should look like.

I wonder if this is what stops young women to get promoted in jobs or if what is portrayed in the media is what men think of women. “You can’t be what you can’t see.” (I know this is a generalization, several exceptions exist.)

I have utmost respect for women leaders, they have gone so far. I definitely don’t think it’s a battle against men – unless of course a man thinks that the “downside” about having a woman as president  is “the PMS and the mood swings” – it’s just a necessity to bring both men and women’s opinions, views, votes, representation, and leadership to the table.

During my work experience, I’ve had the privilege of sitting on board of directors meetings (unfortunately not as a director, but as part of the team that reports to them) on two of my jobs. I was the only woman out of 6 men on the first one and for almost two years, I was the only woman  out of 11 men on the second one, until another woman got promoted and then we were two women out of 11 men. That is only 16% and 18% respectively of women seats surrounded by 83% of men seats on board meetings. This is only from my humble experience in a developing country, who has had a woman as vice-president by the way.

Now imagine the impact the lack of “representation” has on policy on women’s issues,  decisions in general, company’s policies on salaries, policies on flex-time, part-time, maternity and paternity leave, to name a few. Think of how our sons and daughters will grow up with a distorted view of women and what they will expect from their life partners when they choose one, if many companies’ and institutions’ decisions are made mostly by men.

Something is very wrong with these pictures, don’t you think? Let’s think of how we as women and mothers are role models to the kids who surround us.

I invite you to take the pledge when you click here. Women are indeed misrepresented.

Cool stuff.


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