About work, women and MBAs

December 15, 2011

As you’ve also probably wondered, I have also given much thought to why there are few women who reach top executive positions. Biology most likely plays a role as do other reasons that are sometimes difficult to understand.

The following article titled “Of MBAs and motherhood” from The Economist explains:

“The reasons are complex, but a few stick out. First, work in most organisations is structured in ways that were established many decades ago, when married men were the breadwinners and most married women stayed at home. Yet even though the great majority of families no longer fit that pattern, most workplaces have failed to take the change on board. They think they are being egalitarian by treating women exactly the same as men, but women’s circumstances are often different… 

[T]hough biology need not be destiny, it would be silly to pretend that having babies has no effect on women’s careers. Although women now have children later and in smaller numbers, they often start thinking about having a family just at the time when career-oriented people are scrambling madly to get to the top of their particular tree.”

I invite you to read the article and if you are in a position to help your female  employees to better “balance” their work and the rest of their responsibilities, perhaps the few days you’ll take off during the Holidays are a wonderful moment to reflect, make some changes and make an impact on the people that matter to you – assuming your employees matter to you.

Cool stuff.


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